Independent Financial Advisor

Welcome to my new website, I'm Nigel Sycamore, the founder of Clear Wealth Management. Brought up in the Baghill area of Pontefract, I know the area very well and have many local clients from Castleford, Normanton, and naturally Pontefract. Clear Wealth Management opened in Castleford 2008, later moving to the Southgate Business Centre, Pontefract in 2011, where we remain.

I am an independent financial advisor offering advice on personal finances locally and also throughout the UK. I believe that obtaining qualified financial advice is the most responsible way for people to look after their selves, their families and their futures. I offer advice locally and nationwide, providing people with the advice to make the most out of their personal finances. Should you want to have an informal chat about how I may help or perhaps advise you, please call me directly at my offices, 01977 781594, or use the email contact form below.

As a financial adviser, I have a responsibility to ensure that the advice given is up to date, pertinent and forward looking; my job is to help you understand your position, and to form and implement a short, medium and long-term strategy to protect and develop your assets. To achieve this goal I offer a range of expert services from saving and investment planning, tax planning through to planning for your retirement and final salary pensions.

Experts in Wealth Management

Experience, qualifications and an association with leading governing bodies in wealth management provide the base to offer expert advice on personal finances.  As an independent adviser, I am not tied to any products or companies, which allows me to offer you a thoroughly professional, highly individual service that puts you in a more advantageous financial position, now and in the future.

I am an FCA accredited advisor, FCA is a governing body that ensures the firms they endorse follow a code of conduct that puts the consumer first, which is my company policy. To talk to an advisor that you can trust, complete our quick contact form and I will be in touch to see how we can best assist with your personal finances, we look forward to helping you soon.