Tax Planning Advice

Clear Wealth Management provides tax planning advice to clients throughout the UK. Tax has a large effect on the total return of your investment, as an expert advisor with over 25 years within the industry, I am able to provide information on the rules around tax to maximise your investments and savings. I am conveniently located in Pontefract, just off the M62 junction at Castleford, but if you are further afield, give me a call, and we can discuss your plan over the phone.


Investments carry tax liabilities, multiple investments can bring about multiple liabilities, I am able to investigate your investments to help you minimise, and in some cases avoid, any tax due. One well-known solution is a range of ISA’s that are tax efficient saving accounts, which come in a huge variety of configurations that suit each individual's financial goals. I will help to investigate your investments and suggest more efficient ways minimising tax payments.

Inheritance Tax

Losing a member of your family is difficult enough without being stung by the tax man. If your estate is worth more than the nil rate band, your heirs will have to pay 40% tax on everything above this amount. However, there are ways in which to reduce the amount of tax that has to be paid. For example, by releasing some of your estate before you pass, your heirs can avoid any tax paid for up to 7 years prior to your death. Between 3-7 years any excess above the nil rate band will fall under a taper relief system, where a percentage is paid as opposed to the full amount.

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